As Navegacion owns a reputation of being one of the top air and sea freight providers in the region, we believe in offering our valued clients optimum logistics solution by assuring timely cargo arrival at designated destination in the most economical manner. Just leave your specific request with our consultants and we will handle the rest for you.


PGCL offers container services into inland Russian destinations via Vladivostok and Vostochny. With weekly sailings from Singapore, we are able to connect you to Russian inland destinations such as Moscow, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Novosibirsk, Tajikistan, Irkutsk, among others. PGCL container fleet consists own and leased 20' and 40' standard dry and high cubes, thus makes it unnecessary for reworking of transit containers in Russia.  

Djakarta Lloyd
Djakarta Lloyd offers container services into Australia main ports. With weekly sailings from Singapore, we are able to connect your shipments to Australia Main Ports such as Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide and so on. Djakarta Lloyd container fleet consists of owned and leased 20' and 40' standard dry and high cubes, thus makes it unnecessary for reworking of transit containers in Australia.


The division that offers custom clearance services, mainly at Pasir Gudang Port, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas and Port Klang Port. With our highly reputable and experienced staff dealing with Customs offices, it will smooth your shipment to cross borders across countries.


The division that provides agency services and ship clearance for incoming vessels to Johor, Klang and Singapore. With a dedicated business tied up between Navegacion and few international companies, it has widen Navegacion scope of coverage to extend it wings up to Indonesia and China.


Total NAVEGACION fleet are as follows :
  • 13 prime movers (NV01-NV13) with 13 dedicated drivers.
  • 100 unit of trailers combination of 20’chasis and 40’chasis.
Our coverage area up to Peninsular of Malaysia and Singapore.

Large number of trailer units that carefully controls every stage of its transport activities to assure that our customers containers arrive at their final destination on-time, safe and secure.

Our Division strengthen by strategic business partnership with Xin Hwa Transports and Services owning 300 prime movers combination of Haulier, box truck, open truck, low loader and bonded truck.

With the combined fleet, we optimist to serve the highest service level at highest safety precaution.

Safety, Health and Environment Program
        -To ensure safe journey of our drivers and safe delivery of customers cargoes, Navegacion Logistics Haulage
         Division is practicing safety precaution and procedure under a program named Safety, Health and Environment
         Program (SHEP).
         -The program has been kicked off in October 2009. So far it is under control and developing well.
         -Our SHEP program includes;
  • Jawatankuasa SHE
  • Pengurusan Pemanduan Berhemah
  • Jawatankuasa SHE
  • Pengurusan Pemanduan Berhemah
  • Pengurusan Kenderaan
  • Pengurusan Perjalanan
  • Keselamatan di Jalan Raya
  • Prosedur Operasi Piawai – Pengurusan Pemanduan/li>
  • Siasatan Kemalangan Dan Kecederaan


The landbridge feedering service offers services to and form;
  • Pasir Gudang - PTP
  • PTP – West Port, North Port
  • Pasir Gudang - North Port, West Port
The service accepts both import and export cargoes between in full container load (FCL) of 20 feet and 40 feet sizes including high cubes in both sizes.
  • 30 wagon per trip x 2 teus per wagon
  • 60 teus per trip


To provide aid or assistance to local/foreign companies/investors, which have business dealings with Malaysian government agencies especially on the construction projects, constructions of heavy engineering factories and super technology oil and gas manufacturers, which most of the projects will need consultation services in facilitating and understanding Malaysia importing procedures which usually involving import duties, taxes, licenses and permit issues.

The scope of consultancy which are related to government agencies, are quite competitive in nature that requires a high degree of commitment.

Common government agencies involving into importation matters are as follows :- Royal Customs of Malaysia
  • Malaysia Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)
  • Ministry of International Trade of Malaysia (MITI)
  • Ministry of Finance of Malaysia
  • Construction Industries Development Board (CIDB)
Our Special Project Division